I created this site to help you understand that there’s an approach to health care that is non-invasive and drug free – one that supports your body’s innate ability to heal itself.

One of the things I love the most is to be a part of another’s healing journey. I’ve had the privilege to work with humans, cats, dogs and horses.

Welcome new and returning patients!

Please click here to download our new patient documents. Print and fill out the included forms. The initial consultation includes: History, physical exam, adjustment.

  • Please allow for about an hour for the initial consultation. 
  • Please bring documents completed
  • Wear loose comfortable clothing



Do you crack bones? 
I use a broad spectrum of approaches from light touch to structural work; based on the clients needs. Over the course of care when the body has moved into greater ease by reduced spinal cord tension it is then able to receive a structural adjustment.

With all the chiropractors in Amherst, what makes Dr. Eve different?
I begin with a gentle approach to chiropractic that is wholistic in nature, based on the needs of the clients body. My focus is to change the patterns of fight, flight, freeze caused by stress.

Can chiropractic help with stress?
Yes!  There are 3 main stresses that effect the body and wellbeing; physical, emotional and chemical stress.It is the overload of stress that debilitates the body, causing the symptoms of disease.
This causes an interruption of the signals the brain sends to every cell of the body. Chiropractic restores nerve function and the communication between brain and body.

How long does an adjustment take?
Between 15 and 45 minutes, based on the body’s ability to drop tension and make new corrections.

Do you work one on one or in a group?
Research shows there’s benefit to receiving healing work in a group setting. I believe this is the best way to receive care. And I support my clients personal choices.

How long will I be in care?
Ultimately it is your choice.  Length of care will be determined by your health goals. Ultimately, I would like to see your body reduce stress and tension and create new healthier Nerve system patterns.

Can you heal my pain?
The body is a self healing organism. Typically pain is caused by an overwhelm of stress or trauma. This stress causes nerve blockage. My goal is to create healthier nerve pathways, take pressure off nerves so the body can heal naturally.

Why should I come if I’m not in pain?
Nerve interference/nerve blockage can go for years being undetected. This dis-ease process leads to the symptoms of disease. 
Why do you go to the dentist?  We don’t feel the build up of plaque but we know it leads to tooth decay.

Learn more about how the healer within you does the healing. This information empowers the individual to know and make choices that the traditional medical approach can’t provide.
There is a wisdom and organization to the body that mirrors all of nature.  This innate intelligence has the capacity to heal and maintain our bodies health.

  • How does a seed know how to grow into a tree?
  • How does a fertilized egg know how to grow a human being?

I would like to support you in your healing process.