I created this site to help you understand that there’s an approach to health care that is non-invasive and drug free – one that supports your body’s innate ability to heal itself.

One of the things I love the most is to be a part of another’s healing journey. I’ve had the privilege to work with humans, cats, dogs and horses.

An article in the November 9, 2004 issue of the Boston Globe critically examines the rate of medical errors. The article starts off by recalling that five years ago a medical report titled, "To Err is Human" was published that exposed the large problem of medical errors.

The original report in 1999 called for a drastic reduction in medical mistakes. It revealed that accidental overdoses, infections and other care-giver errors had become a leading cause of death. Up to 98,000 US patients dying annually, the authors declared, "it would be irresponsible to expect anything less than a 50 percent reduction in errors over five years."

Dr. Lucian Leape of the Harvard School of Public Health and an original co-author of "To Err is Human", notes that not much has improved in five years. "The evidence of improvement is indeed unimpressive. It's hard to get away from that." He continues, "The problem of medical errors is immense." In comparing medical mistakes to airline safety records, Dr Leape said hospital patients are at least 1,000 times more likely to die from mistakes than airline passengers.

The article noted that tracking medical errors has gotten more difficult instead of easier. This has occurred in part because Congress, under pressure from the hospital industry, rejected the Institute of Medicine's recommendation to create a mandatory national reporting system to track medical errors.

Janet Corrigan of the Institute of Medicine, study director for the original errors report stated her disappointment in the lack of progress. "Many of us who worked very closely on this project had hoped that we would have made more progress by now." She continued, "We do realize that what we're trying to change is one-seventh of the economy. The health-care sector is tough to turn around."

"Dr Capkanis' chiropractic and healing services are among the best in the world.  There are only a handful of elite practitioners that are at her level on the east coast.  She is that good.  She truly is the healer's healer."
Michael Croutch, Chiropractor, L.I New York

"It's always great to see Dr. Eve for chiropractic treatment both because of her pleasant & reassuring presence, and her amazing ability to locate the areas that need attention. This includes physically, emotionally & spiritually.
I arrive not realizing how dense and heavy my body & psyche feel, weighted down with the stresses of daily life. I leave feeling much lighter, more free, more my self, and ready to join the world again. A session with Dr. Eve is one of the best gifts I give myself."

Virginia Mullen, Nurse & Yoga Instructor and Barbara Brennan, Practitioner

"Jesse, our 30+ year old Percheron draft horse recovered from a debilitating hip injury through the incredible work of Dr. Eve. Her gentle and intuitive approach, paired with her Chiropractic skills allowed for physical alignment beyond anything we had hoped for. Today Jesse not only trots but canters across our pastures."

Nicole Birkholzer, Relationship coach for horses and Humans, Mindful Connections